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Input for MSc Dissertation at University of Leeds

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To clarify, these questions are about the UK educational technology market for digital simulation games and Simbound's internationalisation into it. The answers were used by a University of Leeds Student for his 2017 Dissertation who sought to research ways in which Simbound could operate in the UK Market of services ...

GDPR in educational technology, the case of Simbound

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The European Union has advanced 25th of May 2018 as the time at which the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into full effect. This is a series of data protection policies to which all companies operating inside the European Union and which manage personal data must adhere to. This article is meant to act as ...

Focus on European Corporate and Educational Markets

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Corporate Client Activity  Eczacibasi group is one of the biggest conglomerate companies in Turkey and as part of their focus to enhance their digital presence worldwide has invited their top marketing management team, some members of which handle digital marketing, to use Simbound in an intensive one day training at ...

November News

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Connections are vital in business. Making the right connections both in the knowledge you obtain as well as in the people you meet can make a world of difference. Whether if you’re only just starting out, or if you already have an established business this article is for you and I hope it will help you make the right ...

New academic year presents new opportunities and challenges for Educational Technology

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With summer now being officially over September carries with it the promise of new beginnings. I would like to make note of this special time of the year and to extend my sincere best wishes to all of the Simbound collaborators and clients. A recent statistic informs us that the global education industry has recently ...

How to win your marketing simulation

  Simulation: an exercise which is usually taking place online or with the help of a computer and which allows you to test out different marketing tactics and strategies for a virtual company Model: this is common parlance to refer to the way the simulation calculates results. It comes from mathematical model ...

Apr 26

Xi Chen

My experience with Simbound

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This article provides valuable insight to those which are looking to deploy a digital marketing simulation game in a Digital Marketing (Strategy) course. It is written by Dr. Xi Chen from the Rotterdam management school, part of Erasmus university in the Netherlands. Read on to learn how to improve strategy formulation ...

One student at a time: how business education is evolving with the help of simulations


In the next few months tens of thousands of students from some of the best universities around the world will enter their own business simulation competition. For many of them this will be their first ever experience similar to running a full scale enterprise. With so much excitement in the air, let us bring into focus ...

New course concierge service & Social Media contest

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Going against the self service trend Marketing professors are busy nowadays. Between teaching classes, keeping up to date with industry trends, producing research and having to travel to different meetings and conferences how are they ever going to have the time to try out new learning tools for their students? They ...

Dec 14

Eliza Porter

EdTech and the World Simbound Lives In

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EdTech, or Education Technology, is a relatively new concept. For centuries teaching has been done in a classroom with a paper, a pen and a chalkboard. With the rapid advancement of technology, education is quickly evolving in response. Over the past 20 years, schools and universities across the globe have introduced ...

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