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New course concierge service & Social Media contest

Louis Havriliuc  //  06.03.2017

Going against the self service trend

Marketing professors are busy nowadays. Between teaching classes, keeping up to date with industry trends, producing research and having to travel to different meetings and conferences how are they ever going to have the time to try out new learning tools for their students? They need more time. And time is what Simbound is selling here.

No more excuses! It’s time to get simulation-al (not actually a word)

Here is your chance to have a fully managed virtual simulation course on the exciting and timely topic of Online Marketing. The way it works is simple: you send Simbound the start and finish dates of your course and you and your students get access to a turnkey experience without you having to move a finger (clicking the mouse doesn’t count). Click here in order to do that 

Tell us more about your course

But wait, isn’t this going to undermine my role as a professor?

Not at all, in fact what we’ve seen in the hundreds of simulation courses which we ran with professors worldwide is that learning, student engagement and course feedback tends to improve once the simulation has been adopted. With the new concierge service we go one step further to make sure that all the boxes are checked off and all the dots are connected so you don’t have to worry about missing an important deadline or applying a sub-optimal setting to the simulation system.

Client Case

One United States of America based professor was getting ready to take over a fully online delivered course with students being over 4000 Miles away on the other end of the continent. The topics of the course were: setting objectives for online marketing, social media strategy, client communications and customer support, interactive websites and digital content. He decided to seek help. He was looking for applied content to augment his course and he got into touch. From there on, Simbound managed the course setup, management and support with little involvement from the professor.

image of USA and Canada

The outcome was positive: the majority of students got engaged by the simulation activity according to this professor. Only but a few students showed little interaction with the exercise. This is understandable as this was an online course so there was more freedom for each student as to the level they wanted to get involved. At the end of the course, Simbound provided the professor with a custom grading formulae taking into account the Canadian grading system (which goes from 0 to 100). 25% of the final grades for this study module were based on simulation related activities. This was further broken down in two components: 15% for their simulation results: a combination of Return on Advertising Spend, Profit, and Activity (activity here means the number of distinct search engine marketing campaigns and distinct landing pages).The remaining 10% was calculated after each team carried out a presentation with a report on the group's analysis and reflection post-simulation.

International Coverage & Assurance

Simbound is the world’s 1st Digital Marketing game. That means that when you’re using it inside your course you promote autorship and the value of academic research and do not partake in copyright infringement while encouraging digital plagiarism. Simbound has several content partners around the world which can help you in your language in case English is not your main language.

Social Media contest - Simbound turns 5!

Contact Simbound by 30th of March with your course description and a screenshot in which you post a update to your favorite social network containing any or all of the hashtags below to get a chance to be awarded a fully managed, free digital marketing simulation course for up to 30 students (currently a €1200 value). The best posts will be judged based on creativity and engagement within their network.

The hashtags you need to use are:
(links following)


Creativity here means that you would use any combination of distinct, relevant, innovative or surprising content either in the form of a video, image or status update. Engagement will be determined by number of people reacting to your post either by liking or commenting on the update. We will feature your profile and the results of the competition on the 3th of April when Simbound will be celebrating 5 years of edtech excellence!

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