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EdTech and the World Simbound Lives In

Eliza Porter  //  14.12.2016

EdTech, or Education Technology, is a relatively new concept. For centuries teaching has been done in a classroom with a paper, a pen and a chalkboard. With the rapid advancement of technology, education is quickly evolving in response. Over the past 20 years, schools and universities across the globe have introduced more and more technology into the learning process of their students. What started out as using TVs for educational videos or a computer for the professor has now evolved into tablets for every student and entire degrees earned online. As more and more schools and universities continue to incorporate computers, tablets, online learning and virtual teaching, education will need to continue evolving to complement the new methods of learning. This is where Simbound comes in.

Simbound presents a way to incorporate all the new technology into a helpful, educational simulation game. Rather than simply use computers to facilitate lectures or provide more reading material for a class, we propose using computers to provide real-world learning to students the world over.

How often to students seem to become disengaged during an hour-long lecture, or zone out during a test? By providing them with an interactive learning experience, students can practice the concepts they have learned in a risk-free environment. No one will be spammed with promotional e-mails, no company will lose money if a paid ad doesn’t perform, and no one’s job will be on the line if a landing page is inefficient. Thus is the beauty of learning through a simulation.

The Simbound simulation focuses in on the world of Online Marketing, specifically through Website Analytics, Search Engine Advertising and E-mailing. While this is certainly only a fraction of the marketing channels available to companies today, we are off to a good start. Online marketing plays a crucial role in every person’s life. The average person is exposed to an increasing amount of advertisements each day, both online and through other channels. However, we only remember a small fraction of them. This creates a unique problem for future marketers: As more companies are created and more marketers find jobs, how will each company be able to distinguish their product/service from everyone else? How can they be creative yet informative? How can they ensure that the brand advertisement is set apart and remembered compared to the other 10,000? Although I do not have these answers, I do have a way to practice what marketing students learn.

It is important to have a strong understanding of marketing concepts before working in the real world. As a marketer, we are highly influential and can be the reason a consumer does or doesn’t support a brand. There is a fine line between properly communicating a brand and over sharing. E-mailing is particularly difficult to master. Most people avoid giving out their e-mail to companies that will then spam them with promotional offers and new products. However, e-mail can also be a way to engage large numbers of consumers and communicate a product or service, if used correctly. By creating a space where students can learn through doing, Simbound hopes to reduce the abuse of marketing channels. This provides an ideal way to practice different advertising campaigns and perfect a strategy without losing any consumers.

Eiffel Tower

When looking into the future of EdTech and what it has to offer, the possibilities are endless. The way students can learn will continue to evolve and the educational material will need to evolve with it. As schools and professors become accustomed to incorporating simulations into their classes, students will be able to learn while doing, with the safety net of virtual reality. They will be able to understand the concepts, practice what they know and learn from their mistakes. This will create a generation of workers that begin a career with knowledge their predecessors might not have had. Knowledge of how to actually do their job, rather than an understanding of the concepts but no true experience using them. Think of Simbound as the first stepping-stone towards digital marketing simulation learning in universities throughout the world. 

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