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Marketing Bootcamp Days 3 & 4 (New Game Scenario & Social Media)

Louis Havriliuc  //  10.03.2014

This is a summary of the second half of the course. You might want to start with Days 1 & 2 

Day 3 

Wednesday the 5th of March marked a new milestone for Simbound. After the tablet pc scenario had proudly served tens of courses to date we’ve had a new scenario developed for the students in Katowice, one which is different in a few aspects. 

The novel fact with the "Startup Growth Challenge" scenario was that it introduces e-Marketing operations as a way to validate new markets for internet startup companies. This novel approach opens up a whole new range of possibilities when using the simulation game within courses aimed at future entrepreneurs and startup founders. 

The business case introduces a company which launched a Beta release of an Online Project Management Service aimed both at small organisations and enterprise clients. The main objective for the students was to acquire new customers through the range of outreach channels available in the simulation game but also to assess which method performed best in terms of ROI. 

The storyline was also more dynamic with turnarounds at every step of the way: 

  • in round 2 their companies got featured by a major tech blog, so here we emphasised the importance of PR when launching a new product and the value of referral traffic
  • in round 4 they received financing from an investor which immediately argued that prices for both customer segments be slashed to half. This prompted the decision whether to keep investing in paid ad inclusion as the average cost per click of the included keywords was higher than in the standard scenario
simbound project management game scenario

With market validation being a crucial aspect of launching a startup (and one of the most difficult to understand) we felt we managed to transfer valuable knowledge and confidence to the students. 

The process of adding a new scenario creation was intended to be a simulation (ha!) for the upcoming Simbound Content Integration with the Cesim Games, which will revolutionise experiential marketing learning in Universities and beyond. 

Day 4 

We talked about social media communications, about social media platforms and also about ways in which Social Media can be used to communicate and inspire online audiences to engage with a brand. We concluded that social media is still a new phenomena for human interaction, something which is still evolving very rapidly and possibly to entire new forms. Due to the fact that the Simbound Social Media module is still at the concept stage we also collected feedback which will be used in development of new content sections. 

katowice students

We concluded with short presentations hosted by the student teams, which had the role to consolidate the game experience of the last few days and also to assess the participation level of each student team. All students who participated got a 5.0 - the highest grade possible in Poland. One more reason to celebrate such a great week ! 

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