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Meet Eliza, Simbound Marketing & PR

Eliza Porter  //  05.11.2016

I am Eliza Porter, 22 years old and from the USA. I am currently traveling the world in order to explore new places, meet new people, and try new foods. Traveling is my biggest passion and I find it allows me to see life in a different light as I gain new experiences and understanding. I value being free and being able to discover new countries, as I desire. I am now working for Simbound as their Marketing and PR person. This job has allowed me to participate in the workforce, while simultaneously allowing me to indulge my wanderlust.

I believe Simbound to be at the forefront of online marketing. They are here to instruct others in a way that is new to many universities and courses. Although simulations have been around for a while, using them to learn real-life lessons, in an area that historically has been more focused on lecture-type learning, is wonderful. As someone who learns much more outside of a classroom, and who values real-world learning, I believe Simbound is beneficial to so many students. To be a part of something that is groundbreaking is very exciting. It allows for more personal creativity as the company learns and grows. Rather than being stuck in a rigid, strict working environment, we are free to find our own voices and to express ourselves through our work. In my case, marketing allows me to communicate the Simbound name, while also maintaining my creativity and imagination.

In my mind, Simbound is a wonderful platform to allow me to evolve my marketing voice. Since I am just beginning with the team, I do not know how the individuals function as a whole, or where my place in that whole is. However, as I evolve and become more comfortable with the team, as well as the Simbound brand, I believe I will become an asset to the company. By joining a start-up, I think there is much room to grow. Learning by doing is quite valuable and I am eager to learn as much as I can. Not only about the world of ed-tech and simulations, but to learn more about effective marketing and the best ways to reach people.


As is evidenced by previous success, and according to founder Louis Havriliuc:

“Simbound is communicating innovation. And innovation rarely needs to be marketed, it sells itself.”
Therefore, Simbound maintains that 'no-marketing' is the best form of marketing. This is a new theory for me, since my previous marketing position was based more on mass emails and using every channel we could. I think the idea of 'no marketing' is wonderful. As a consumer, I constantly feel bombarded by ads: online, on my phone, at the store, driving down the street, etc. If there were a way to reach people with the least amount of “touches,” I believe people would be more willing to explore Simbound. If we are not constantly flooding their e-mail and news feed with information, maybe customers will come to us. Another aspect is that as the world of marketing grows, there will be increasing amounts of people using the “all-in” marketing approach. According to QS Courses, they have seen a 28% increase in Digital Marketing courses between March 2015 and April 2016. This growth shows that more people are becoming interested in the marketing field. 

“By helping better prepare graduates we actually contribute to a better online consumer experience” L. Havriliuc
If graduates were to learn the no-marketing approach, perhaps the world may begin to value the Internet, rather than abuse it. However, I do have to note that this seems much more challenging that a straightforward marketing approach. How can I effectively communicate the brand image and how we can help universities without directly telling them so? How will people know about Simbound without me telling them? Although this philosophy is new to me, I am eager to explore the possibilities and communicate Simbound to the world.


Although I have lived in Europe on multiple occasions, I have never worked here. I have instead been fortunate enough to study here. It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to compare the school system in both France and Switzerland, to that of the USA. I have never attended a European university, though I can imagine there are both similarities and differences compared to an American university. However, I think the underlying factors are all the same. Students attend universities to learn more about an area of study that they are (ideally) passionate about.  Universities have an obligation to their students to provide them with the most up-to-date, relevant information in order to prepare them to join the workforce or continue at a higher education level. In my experience at two different American universities, I felt that a lot of the learning was done through listening or reading rather than actually doing. However, I did take a marketing class that involved creating and implementing a business plan. This was very helpful to me because we would learn a concept in the classroom then take the knowledge to our online business plan and implement it. We would then get comments from other students on how we could possibly improve our business idea. This is where Simbound comes in. It allows students a break from the sometimes-monotonous cycle of lectures, reading, and testing. It allows students to glimpse the world of online marketing that exists beyond the walls of the university.

In Europe perhaps there are less lectures and more hands-on activities for students to indulge in. Throughout my travels, I have found that Europe values quality over quantity. This, I believe, translates into many aspects of European life. In terms of marketing, this creates a goal for companies to provide relevant products or services that are of high quality and may take longer to produce, rather than products or services that are quickly and cheaply made. In the USA, we seem to be a society that adores instant gratification. In Europe, there are centuries of tradition at play. People realize that beauty and quality cannot be rushed. Translated into marketing terms, each resource released should be specific to help the customer learn or aid them in making a decision. Every resource released should also be relevant to the product or service offered. Although it may take more time, the end result will be superior and more useful for the customer.

I am hopeful that during my time with Simbound, I am able to effectively communicate the simulation so that students across the globe can have an opportunity to learn by actively participating and having their marketing voices heard.

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