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Introducing the Simbound Smart Reports

Louis Havriliuc  //  04.02.2014


Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence –what comes to mind when you think about these technology trends?   Do you think that a system would be able to learn about its users behavior and provide education in better decision-making?


Have you ever been in this situation:  you have just 20 minutes left until your next seminar and you still have to go through last rounds’ game data as you know students will ask you questions on their results. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a virtual sidekick, which would automatically pinpoint the major events of last round’s game, and then be able to present you with actionable recommendations for the students in your seminar?


The Simbound Smart Reports will be a first step into machine-assisted e-marketing performance reviews. For instructors who are time strapped (and who isn’t) we want to offer a quickly accessible data analysis solution which will include quantitative analysis of results, tailored narrative reports and also actionable recommendations which can be passed on to each student (team).     


So, in the 20 minutes left to your seminar you could simply print out the PDF report and head outside for a quick snack while you’re musing on the latest game data and going through the personalized feedback for each team. No laptop needed.


This is not Science Fiction and it does not attempt to overwrite the role of the instructor, in fact we would need instructors to collect information which our algorhytms cannot detect in order to offer personalized, relevant feedback. Thus we aim at improving the student-instructor relationship further.

What this new feature won’t fix: most likely students would have already seen their results by the time they reach the seminar and they would already be planning their strategies for the next round. This you’ll have to get out of them yourself and discuss in the seminar. 

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