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Simbound is available as a pedagogical online simulation, with its own game-like mechanics. When using Simbound people from different backgrounds and digital readiness levels are able to co-create content in a competition-like environment. This simulation system provides an innovation platform to develop the online commercial presence of their own virtual companies. Guided by tutors, participants can expect to improve their digital skills and boost their confidence with real-life skills.

Topics included in Simbound are related to the following disciplines: digital marketing, data analysis, online consumer behavior, pricing and promotion, managing a technology project and more.

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Simbound Tutors can set up new simulations with just a few clicks. After this they may sit back and watch as course participants enjoy digital marketing learning in a safe and realistic environment.

1. What is Simbound, and what is its primary purpose?

Simbound is an online simulation platform designed for contemporary online marketing and advertising practice. It offers participants insight into digital marketing strategies and tactics without real financial risk.

2. What are some key features of Simbound?

Simbound provides tools for instructors to manage courses, alter simulation parameters, and generate automated reports. Participants engage in activities like website management, search engine marketing, email marketing, online communities, affiliate marketing, and competitive analysis.

3. What are the main learning takeaways from using Simbound?

Participants can grasp digital marketing concepts, manage various online ad systems, develop and execute digital marketing strategies, administer multi-channel marketing campaigns, and interpret online advertising metrics.

4. How does Simbound simulate real-world marketing scenarios?

Simbound scenarios involve selling products through multiple online channels converging on one website. Participants face challenges that can be toggled on or off, with access to virtual funds and simulated consumer behavior.

5. What skills can participants develop using Simbound?

Participants can enhance skills in website development, keyword management, email marketing, community management, and analyzing online advertising metrics.

6. How does Simbound assist instructors in managing courses?

Instructors configure and monitor simulation instances, organize courses, provide feedback on participant performance, and set learning goals. They can also track individual student progress.

7. What tools are available for participants within the simulation environment?

Participants have access to a Planner for strategic planning, website management tools for optimizing online properties, product performance monitoring, analytics dashboards, email marketing campaigns, online community creation, and affiliate marketing campaigns.

8. How does Simbound facilitate competitive analysis among participants?

The Co-opetition section provides participants with insights into their performance relative to peers, including traffic analytics, comparative analysis, and team market share data, motivating strategic thinking.

9. Can participants collaborate within Simbound?

Yes, participants can collaborate on tasks within teams, manage community spaces together, and engage in co-opetition to compare results and rankings.

10. How does Simbound ensure participants stay informed about simulation updates?

Both instructors and students receive updates on simulation changes, enabling instructors to track student progress and participation effectively. Additionally, resources such as the Participant Guide offer detailed information on simulation features.

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