New research from Simbound:

Usage of Simulation Games in
Business Education - Current Trends

Simbound, the company that built the first digital marketing simulation system used in education and training has released its 2019 version of its current trends report.

The study reveals how educational clients discover and use new simulation games, and it brings forward some of the current issues they are facing right now. This also contains an up-to-date view coming from senior business simulation industry leaders which discuss current and expected future trends in experiential learning of business.

Some findings:

One of the most interesting discoveries is that only 59% of those who answered our survey have indicated that the topic alignment of the simulation game with that of the course is an important decision factor when they are choosing which simulations to adopt.

Another interesting finding amongst instructor respondents indicates that simulations provide utility in other settings besides the traditional educational environment, namely competitions, hiring and non-formal learning settings.

When it comes to the expected future characteristics of their simulation products, companies expect that more video materials will complement the learning experience and that assessment and individualized learning practices will take up an increasing role.

About Simbound

Simbound is a company which develops online simulation games and media that are used in Higher Education and Corporate Training. The company won the title of Best European Edtech (Educational Technology) Startup Award as awarded by Finnova and the European Commision.