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Simbound Instructor

December Simulation

26 December     29 December

This is a simulation game course in which you will carry out Digital Marketing for a fictive technology company which is selling Tablet PC's


'Tablet Shop' has met with trouble selling their products lately and they need your help with marketing and finding new customers. Your goal is to grow Tablet Shop's customer base by using the Simbound simulation e-Marketing tools.

License - €75

This includes: Access to the digital marketing simulation | The simulation guidebook | New Objectives and Bonus conditions every round | 9.000 EUR virtual budget | Competition against players worldwide | Option to ask for a new person to join your team | A showcase of your final results | Fast Support


Sign up by 5th of December to attend an online group meeting in which you will get to know the other players (date and time wil be made available once you sign up). There will be 6 simulation game rounds in total.

Game Progress

Game Screenshots

Paid Search Overview
Paid Search Ad Management
Website Analytics Overview
Website Traffic Competition
Email Campaigns Overview
Email Template Management

Game Activity

Rank Team Profit
1 Sky Blue 0 €
2 Green 0 €
3 Red 0 €
4 Black 0 €
5 Navy Blue 0 €
6 Brown 0 €
7 Purple 0 €
8 Orange 0 €
9 Yellow 0 €
10 Blue 0 €

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