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Online Communications & Truthfulness

Margin Call actors

In the 2011 “Margin Call” financial industry themed drama one of the main characters goes through an introspective state during which he ponders upon the greater benefit of his work to others. Nostalgia comes out when he relates that before joining the trading industry he was an engineer who designed a bridge which ...

Simcopy - New content experiment from Simbound

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Simbound encourages new ways of creating and interpreting online content. Today we are bringing to light a new content services product which is currently at pre-launch stage. The prototype concept is a mashup stemming from our own near-house, world-class expertise in areas such as marketing & communications, technology ...

10 tips for edtech: Focus

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During the first two years of Simbound we attended 2 conferences: How to Web and Venture Connect. Looking back they were marginally beneficial, without any sort of impact on our progress & development.  We were looking for early product feedback and meaningful networking with other content ...

10 tips for edtech: Be Transparent

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You’ve built it but they didn’t come. Don’t despair yet! All good things take time. Whatever you do:   6. Do not ‘fake’ progress.   Buying followers and likes, launching press releases, which don't really bring anything new to the industry. That’s not who you are. While all the news blogs ...

10 tips for edtech: Bootstrap

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Building an Edtech Startup can be a demanding endeavor.  The creative wits and tech wizardry needed to build and promote a both exciting and functional concept can drain energy from you and your team at a fast pace.  As the initial adoption curve in edtech is generally longer than in other industries you might ...

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