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Marketing, the Simbound way

Online Marketing takes many shapes: from onsite resources such as blogs and podcasts through to social media communities and further to more subtle forms of communication by which the only marketing surfaces simply by using a service, usually in the form of an app.“The product is the marketing” - Seth GodinBrands from ...

How students would name their online stores

Simbound is the original e-Marketing simulation game, in which students compete in selling virtual products by using different online communication channels. Over the past 3 years the Simbound approach has been used by close to 100 Universities from around the world. During this time the game has accumulated ...

Christiania - Inspiration for an Online Community

In Copenhagen, Denmark there is a self-proclaimed autonomous community called Christiania, which sprung up inside the quarters of the Danish capital after a group of residents joined efforts to purchase the land and the buildings from the local government and then claim independence for a new, and sometimes regarded as ...

Sep 01

Joel Kiptoo

The local learning landscape in Kenya (Pt 1)


Imagine yourself taking a Business Administration (or Information technology) lecture inside a regular Kenyan university. The halls are packed with students, with the 3-hour lecture just about to begin. There is already a palpable feeling of agitation, as some of those in attendance can’t wait for the lecture to be ...

Aug 20

Bojan Kozic

Simbound explores Recruitment-as-a-Service


Let’s face the inconvenient truth: the startup business can be a rat race. With so many mounting challenges on a daily basis, at times it seems impossibly hard to keep up the pace. Sales plummeting, expensive online campaigns delivering nothing but some nice looking reports, seed investment thinning ...

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