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Christiania - Inspiration for an Online Community

In Copenhagen, Denmark there is a self-proclaimed autonomous community called Christiania, which sprung up inside the quarters of the Danish capital after a group of residents joined efforts to purchase the land and the buildings from the local government and then claim independence for a new, and sometimes regarded as ...

Sep 01

Joel Kiptoo

The local learning landscape in Kenya (Pt 1)


Imagine yourself taking a Business Administration (or Information technology) lecture inside a regular Kenyan university. The halls are packed with students, with the 3-hour lecture just about to begin. There is already a palpable feeling of agitation, as some of those in attendance can’t wait for the lecture to be ...

Aug 20

Bojan Kozic

Simbound explores Recruitment-as-a-Service


Let’s face the inconvenient truth: the startup business can be a rat race. With so many mounting challenges on a daily basis, at times it seems impossibly hard to keep up the pace. Sales plummeting, expensive online campaigns delivering nothing but some nice looking reports, seed investment thinning ...

Online Communications & Truthfulness

Margin Call actors

In the 2011 “Margin Call” financial industry themed drama one of the main characters goes through an introspective state during which he ponders upon the greater benefit of his work to others. Nostalgia comes out when he relates that before joining the trading industry he was an engineer who designed a bridge which ...

Simcopy - New content experiment from Simbound

simcopy ad

Simbound encourages new ways of creating and interpreting online content. Today we are bringing to light a new content services product which is currently at pre-launch stage. The prototype concept is a mashup stemming from our own near-house, world-class expertise in areas such as marketing & communications, technology ...

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