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Dec 14

Eliza Porter

EdTech and the World Simbound Lives In

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EdTech, or Education Technology, is a relatively new concept. For centuries teaching has been done in a classroom with a paper, a pen and a chalkboard. With the rapid advancement of technology, education is quickly evolving in response. Over the past 20 years, schools and universities across the globe have introduced ...

How to set up a new Digital Marketing Degree in the UK: the case of Simbound & the London School of Business and Management

In this article I will describe how London School of Business & Management has come to adopt Simbound in order to provide both its students and lecturers with a modern course resource that enables learning about digital marketing in a risk-free & cost-free virtual environment.  The aim of this resource ...

Is it time for a simulation-reliant course?

Business School Faculties can work together and develop an active learning methodology and take their educational services to the next level Business Management and Marketing are two popular business school courses that consistently attract a vast number of students every academic year. The courses are run through ...

Nov 05

Eliza Porter

Meet Eliza, Simbound Marketing & PR

I am Eliza Porter, 22 years old and from the USA. I am currently traveling the world in order to explore new places, meet new people, and try new foods. Traveling is my biggest passion and I find it allows me to see life in a different light as I gain new experiences and understanding. I value being free and being able to ...

Using Simbound in an Online Marketing Optimization Course

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This article should explain briefly how to use the Simbound simulation to enhance student skills in online marketing optimization. It is written by Melanie Schreiner, Assistant Professor of e‐Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria.    Preconditions In my courses I am mainly ...

A day in the life of a Digital Marketing Professor

Mediterranean Island

You wake up at 6:45 AM after Dinner last night in the company of a group of visiting PhD Researchers. The topic of their research is ’Social Media: Qualitative research in an era of continuous paradigm shifts’. Most of the discussion went on whether Facebook or Twitter is better for collecting data. Facebook has more ...

Of Values and Content Marketing. Online, it is time for awakening

It is a revered American entrepreneur which once said that deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do. For an incipient company a lot of the personal values of the founders are transferred to the startup brand. For online companies the transfer is more easy to follow, it has a much obvious trace ...

Student Feedback

We recently visited EM Lyon, one of the top European management schools to attend the final presentations of the student teams post simulation. Check out the 10 teams' performance and their unedited feedback below. MK115 Web MarketingCreate your own infographics

Content Marketing Showcase

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Simbound is forever engrained in the fabric of web marketing education and the brand's footprint on the internet is excellent. Following is a curation of articles written about the Simbound simulation game by a young entrepreneur from Kenya, a Canadian advertising agency intern, a Romanian Professor and a Finnish ...

Marketing, the Simbound way

Online Marketing takes many shapes: from onsite resources such as blogs and podcasts through to social media communities and further to more subtle forms of communication by which the only marketing surfaces simply by using a service, usually in the form of an app.“The product is the marketing” - Seth GodinBrands from ...

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