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10 tips for edtech: Be Transparent

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You’ve built it but they didn’t come. Don’t despair yet! All good things take time. Whatever you do:   6. Do not ‘fake’ progress.   Buying followers and likes, launching press releases, which don't really bring anything new to the industry. That’s not who you are. While all the news blogs ...

10 tips for edtech: Bootstrap

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Building an Edtech Startup can be a demanding endeavor.  The creative wits and tech wizardry needed to build and promote a both exciting and functional concept can drain energy from you and your team at a fast pace.  As the initial adoption curve in edtech is generally longer than in other industries you might ...

10 tips for edtech: Students as Partners

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We live in exponential times. Universities were meant to set up graduates for getting jobs. With edtech coming in at a fast pace guess who that role will be passed on to? Use a long-term view when designing the relationship and:  4.Treat students as your future business partners While you are interacting with ...

10 tips for edtech: Factor of Change

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Ok here is the deal: Universities will not go away. Not anytime soon at least. But they will become very different in the next couple of years.It is true many universities keep students busy to no real benefit but for better of worse they are the birthplace of the world’s innovations, a place where ideas flow ...

10 tips for edtech: Learners First

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Most professors don’t have time to use new tools to the extent that you would want them to. Accordingly many will set up the experience for students and then ask: how was it ? If the students have a bad experience (which can also be traced back to the instructor not investing the right amount of time for adoption) ...

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