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Simulation Product Sections

One platform. Expertly designed for the learning & for the assessment of digital marketing topics



Build simple websites using a basic yet powerful content editor. Consult a range of performance metrics and use analytics tools for comprehensive insight. Perform SEO check-ups, content management, adjust product pricing, carry out promotions & more!




Start and refine simple pay-per-click advertising campaigns, ensuring optimal placement for various types of ads. Manage virtual budgets effectively by assessing performance metrics. Key decisions are conducting A/B ad testing, ad retargeting initiatives, managing dynamic ad content, reading reports, and more.



E-mail Campaigns

Send periodical marketing newsletters to your virtual subscribers based on their interest. Response statistics include: Open Rate, CTR, Profit. Review and enhance content using AI. Communicate new ESG initiatives every period.




Start practicing your community manager skills in a game-like environment today!


You can easily create and oversee your own online brand communities by selecting from six distinct types: Advocate, Social, Support, Contest, Marketplace, and Insight. Enhance engagement with gamification elements and collaborate with dedicated community managers to grow your membership ranks.


Affiliate Campaigns

Stay ahead with ongoing performance marketing strategies that maximize results in each period.


Improve your simulation website's visibility and drive targeted traffic by leveraging multiple affiliate marketing campaigns. Reward your top-performing affiliate with a periodic success-based commission. Decide on the attribution model.


Complex Strategies 

Experience a realistic scenario and gain valuable insight into the world of digital marketing.


Discover an immersive, integrated digital marketing simulation platform, designed to offer a dynamic and personalized learning experience. With a variety of customization options available, you can tailor the simulation to meet your specific needs and preferences.


Chantal Van Zuijlen

Chantal van Zuijlen

Avans Hogeschool Breda (Netherlands)

"Through Simbound, our students experience what it is like to work in online marketing, by playing the simulation game. They like to play the game and as teachers we notice they are involved in classes and become more confident about their online marketing knowledge. "

Picture of Hesham Dinana

Dr. Hesham O. Dinana

The American University in Cairo (Egypt)

"Simbound has proven to be an invaluable resource for teaching my students the core concepts of digital marketing and analytics with hands-on experience and a great mechanism for feedback that allows for continuous improvement."

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