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Build Websites

Build simple websites using a basic yet powerful online content editor. Consult a range of performance metrics and use various analytics tools to obtain comprehensive insight. Perform SEO check-ups, content management, adjust product pricing, carry out promotions & more!

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Write and Track Ads

Start and refine simple pay-per-click advertising campaigns, ensuring optimal placement for various types of ads. Manage virtual budgets effectively by assessing performance metrics. Key decisions are conducting A/B ad testing, ad retargeting initiatives, managing dynamic ad content, reading reports, and more.

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Send E-mails

Send periodical marketing newsletters to your virtual subscribers based on their interest. Response statistics include: Open Rate, CTR, Profit. Review and enhance content using AI. Communicate new ESG initiatives every period.

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Manage Communities

Start practicing your community manager skills in a game-like environment today! You can easily create and oversee your own online brand communities by selecting from six distinct types: Advocate, Social, Support, Contest, Marketplace, and Insight. Enhance engagement with gamification elements and collaborate with dedicated community managers to grow your membership ranks.

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Launch Affiliate Campaigns

Stay ahead with ongoing performance marketing strategies that maximize results in each period. Improve your simulation website's visibility and drive targeted traffic by leveraging multiple affiliate marketing campaigns. Reward your top-performing affiliate with a periodic success-based commission. Decide on the attribution model.

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Learn Complex Strategies

Experience a realistic, interactive scenario and gain valuable insight into the world of digital marketing. Discover an immersive, integrated digital marketing simulation platform, designed to offer a dynamic and personalized learning experience. With a host of customization options available, you can tailor the simulation experience to meet your specific learning needs and preferences.

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Rohim Mohammed

The Simbound simulation: University College Birmingham

The Simbound simulation was used as part of an assessment strategy for a module on SEO and Digital Advertising. We chose the simbound platform as it resonated well with what we were trying to achieve: exposing students to the world of SEO, how it works and can be managed by simulating market conditions and the environment. Students found this simulation extremely helpful saying how they found its application powerful in addressing the theory being taught in lectures.

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Serena Pasqualetto

Bridging the gap between theory and practice

I have been using Simbound in my Digital Advertising laboratory. I have always struggled with making my students fully grasp the logic behind Paid Search. With Simbound, they were able to understand a bit better what it means to set up a search campaign for an e-commerce website and how to optimize it to improve profitability and gain more revenue. With some preliminary study and context, I think Simbound can be a nice tool to integrate in an e-commerce marketing course.

Trusted by students & professors from all over the world

All of the students in my course appreciated the simulation and the insights resulting from using it.

Picture of Professor Daniel Hoppe

Daniel Hoppe

Duale Hochschule Gera-Eisenach Cooperative University Germany

    The comprehensive way to learn digital marketing

    Transform the learning experience into a fun and memorable activity. Motivate digital marketing course participants with a unique suite of interactive content and monitor learner performance using multiple reports.
    Simbound provides the optimal platform for developing your custom course experience. With unparalleled features and high-quality service and support, you can now launch an entirely new simulation-based course with minimal time investment and low upfront and maintenance costs.


    • What is Simbound, and what is its primary purpose?

    • What are some key features of Simbound?

    • What are the main learning takeaways from using Simbound?

    • How does Simbound simulate real-world marketing scenarios?

    • What skills can participants develop using Simbound?

    • How does Simbound assist instructors in managing courses?

    • What tools are available for participants within the simulation environment?

    • How does Simbound facilitate competitive analysis among participants?

    • Can participants collaborate within Simbound?

    • How does Simbound ensure participants stay informed about simulation updates?

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