Our story

How we got started

Initial Simbound Ads Interface

A basic simulation is built to explain to an agency client how digital marketing works

Initial logo of Simbound

People from all over the world sign up to try out Simbound

Image of world map with text containing more than 100 universities from 30 countries and approximately 30.000 students

On track for working with 100 universities worldwide

Graphic with robot and text Welcome to Simbound

Work starts on the 2nd generation platform - Simbound Sense -

Mariya Gabriel handing the prize for Best Edtech Startup in Europe to Louis Havriliuc

Simbound is selected as the best Edtech startup in Europe in a contest held by Finnova and the European Commission.

Image of desk with a cup, paper pins, a notebook and the text in the middle: New Feature

Work on the 3rd generation Digital Marketing Simulation platform begins


Our strong commitment to innovation in education guides us through each new chapter of the company's life. We stand with and for our academic and commercial partners in all situations.

Our values revolve around transparency and a willingness to improve ourselves and those around us. We see the big picture and deliver expertise and solutions that work.

The company is located in Romania, The European Union. The country has a very good track record in developing technology and services in IT. We are working with clients and partners from across the world.

What we achieved



Since 2012



Global Reach



Empowering future leaders



Present in 6 countries


External Funding

Independent since Day 1


Simulation Modules

All in one single platform

The best way to learn digital marketing

Transform your learning experience into a fun and memorable activity. Engage course participants with our unique suite of engaging content and monitor performance of learners using multiple reports.

What we’re passionate about

illustration of woman at desk in an online call or class


We believe that well-designed education can help solve most of the world's current problems. Our commitment to improving education by developing and distributing practical, interactive, modern tools to learners of all categories and backgrounds has motivated us in the face of adversity.

We are inspired by the talent and dedication we see in the students and interns we support from across the world, and we strive to be the best partners for anyone working hard to achieve their dreams.

illustration of man using a laptop


We use technology to help shape the future leaders of tomorrow! We believe that digital marketing and online technologies have a lot of power and possibilities, but also that they can easily be misused and abused.

Our mission is to educate people about the possibilities of using technology and to encourage them to become independent decision makers, fantastic collaborators and critical thinkers. We use technology but we do not let it dictate our priorities and we always put people and their needs first.


Creating Impact

We encourage online learning and training because it's better for the environment. We're an equal opportunity employer, giving many young professionals their first job. Our governance policies revolve around ethical business practices. We're proud to invest in improving the world we live in. We care about more than just making a profit. We constantly seek ways to increase our positive impact in the world.

Digital marketing helps draw attention to companies and causes that can either improve or degrade our society. We know there's more to it than just learning to build a website, or sending out an e-mail.

Commercial Resellers

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  • Tristan Seuillet

    Tristan Seulliet

    Simbound France

  • Aurel Tumurug

    Aurel Tumurug


  • Alin Chedea

    Alin Chedea


  • Jasper Mannaert

    Jasper Mannaert

    Simbound Netherlands

  • Fintan Finnan

    FIntan Finnan

    Simbound Ireland

  • Mark Zielonka - Simbound Canada

    Mark Zielonka

    Simbound Canada

  • Varun Patil

    Varun Patil

    Simbound India

  • Louis Havriliuc

    Louis Havriliuc

    CEO & Founder

  • Thomas Plouviez

    Thomas Plouviez

    Digital Marketing Intern

  • Fabio Sandes

    Fabio Sandes

    Simbound Portugal

  • temporary user profile picture

    Ruth Velasquez

    Simbound Central America

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