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Posted on 25 June, 2018 by Administrator

At Simbound we have always encouraged unconventional thinking. Here you can learn about a new feat of creativity that I hope you will enjoy. is a new animation project which places the mascot of the Simbound company front and center as the lead actor of its very own web series. Some 6 years later after its birth, the goofy looking robot is now ready to take his musings to a worldwide (English speaking for now) audience. The proposed entertainment concept aims to fit the viewing style of the smart and conscious online citizen, of the discerning internet connoisseur and the explorer of rare online technology and experiences.

The Simbot show brings about a host of new themes filled with subtle, nuanced messages such as the value and pattern of online communication, technology adoption and how this fits into the contemporary lifestyle of young creative professionals. It chooses to relate the history of not only its own origin as an animation character but that of the Simbound concept in its entirety.

Surely this will go down as one of the more memorable promotional/PR assets of Simbound!

Long term plans for the bootstrapped, commercial-free animation project include building up a loyal community of fans which provide us with feedback and support and also on finding ways in which to sustain the costs for further developing the animation. Enough words, you can now watch the pilot and also follow the Bot on all of its shiny new social channels to keep track of future episodes. If you feel that you gained something from watching then don’t forget to share this with your audience, but only if you agree to promote creativity and authenticity.

Happy viewing!

As the pioneer of digital marketing educational simulations SImbound has forever changed business education and continues to make an impact around the world. is just one of the ways in which Simbound strives for a better, smarter internet, a medium in which its users adopt sound values and ethical thinking that lead us to new progress every day.

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