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Posted on 7 May, 2020 by Administrator

Thank you for trusting us with your courses during these unprecedented times. At Simbound we were surprised by the speed of events unfolding during the last two months. We had to stop work and work from home and now we are slowly making our way back into the office.  While we were under lockdown we  contributed to two non-profit initiatives that express our solidarity with those working in Education. We are not just about business, and we emphasize with Education professionals. If Simbound can be of  help to you or your projects during this time, do let us know.

Simbound led the way with the “Edtech Romania” initiative following the example of several European countries.

Edtech Romania

This community aims to connect schools, universities and training centers with the latest Edtech technologies developed by Romanian companies. A few companies have joined us and have agreed to supply their services for free to schools and universities during the ongoing lockdown. With schools being shut down at least until September 2020, educational technology products have become essential, trying to reconstruct in-person course experiences. Kudos to the Simbound team and to all the Romanian companies which joined our movement of solidarity. Also you should check out the facebook group for the Romanian Edtech community (not a Simbound initiative): https://www.facebook.com/groups/edtech.ro/

We are ready to further develop and invest more resources into building up the fast growing Edtech business community in Romania and are looking for like-minded partners who already have experience in delivering Edtech solutions. And btw the Simbound Romania reseller channel is open for applications. Apply here:  https://simbound.com/ro/partners/

The world’s biggest online hackathon: #EuvsVirus

Simbound Founder and CEO Louis Havriliuc volunteered to take up the challenge leader role for the E-learning methods and tools (challenge #23 out of a total of 36). Over 100 teams from across Europe tackled the current school lockdown situation and hacked new digital learning technologies during the 24-26 April weekend. Code was written, friends were made and new solutions are now coming to light. It was an unforgettable experience for all of the +20.000 people who signed up: organizers, teams, mentors, promoters, all of them being volunteers! The winners for the e-Learning category are: https://devpost.com/software/ailearning
which is an AI-based solution for simplifying educational activities, focusing on exams corrections and acting as a learning companion.EuvsVirus badge

Feel free to browse some of the proposed hacks here.

About Simbound
Simbound is the pioneer of e-marketing simulation-based learning.  Simbound provides services for clients through an online technology platform that is able to simulate digital consumer behaviour at scale and under various conditions. Simbound was awarded the title of best educational technology startup for the year 2017 by the European Commission and Finnova.

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