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The Simbound system went through a series of changes recently. Some of these changes come as a direct consequence of the fact that almost all of the courses which made use of the Simbound platform in the last 12 months were carried out completely online. During this process Simbound successfully managed to adapt both internal and client-facing processes to meet with a massive switch from serving mostly physical classes to working with online classes where the professor never meets the students in person. You can read more about some of the changes brought forward in the following article.


Focus on learning


The goal which we set out to achieve at the start of this calendar year at Simbound was to obtain a more fluid, dynamic, and highly efficient learning experience that helps with understanding of concepts and information/process retention.

To a large extent we have succeeded in achieving this and the good news for our clients is that we are selling an overall improved simulation product for a similar price point to that which we used last year.

We have also set out to reduce the number of support requests and for now the average number of support requests per course continues to drop, often sitting at less than 2 or 3 e-mails for each 100 new users.


Simbound in the wider context


The accelerating transition in consumer behavior which sees increasingly more individuals switching to online commerce and services confirms the fact that modern business operations begin and take place almost exclusively online.

? In response business academic programs whether completely digital or still with traditional components will need to be designed in a way in which the practice of commercializing goods or services by means of digital platforms is reflected in the core teaching and content of the courses, and in turn permeate to the learning instruments as well as the processes they employ.

This should help business study programs which have been impacted by lower participation levels to once again become more relevant amongst the digital-savvy student population.

Simbound is the perfect solution to engage and educate students, provide them with practice alternatives, and evaluate their level of knowledge and involvement over time.


 The new features


?Some of the newest features contained by the Simbound system today are a first for the educational business simulations industry.

Simbound is today the 1️⃣st simulation system used in business education to introduce adaptive tests, a cutting-edge method for the evaluation of learning efficiency, where questions are attributed by the professor while the answer options are constructed by the Simbound system. The answer options are constructed in an unique manner that follows the decisions and results of each team. In this way students cannot copy the correct answer from their colleagues. This helps with identifying learning areas to improve and validates the whole learning experience like never before.

? Good-standing learning technology companies are invited to contact Simbound and discuss how to implement such pioneering features in their own products so this way we can together improve the learning outcomes for learners the world over. Why not consider this an open invitation to discussion and progress.


 Looking into the future


We recognize the fact that even when it takes place at a distance, learning still remains a social endeavor and the next series of features you can expect to find at Simbound will be centered around the natural collaboration that arises around the learning act. As you might already know from having had used our products, we have for many years embraced and recommended the team based learning approach within our simulations. This method of learning was handed down from our mentors in Finland: Cesim Business Simulations. Later on we added an individual mode of advancing within the simulation, at the request of our existing clients.

Another area of focus will be that of learning analytics and personal recommendations sent out to learners in situations when the instructor is not available to intervene as frequently as needed, as is sometimes the case when teachers are being asked to support a large cohort of students. This usage scenario has already been on our radar for a while now and our first solution here is a new "Learning Progress" section in which learners are invited to reflect on their past actions and associated learning and are also given automatic suggestions on what aspects of their digital marketing assets to work on and improve.

Starting with September some of our instructors can expect live video support with their courses during normal European business hours. See you and until then, have a great summer everyone! ⛱


? Exciting things are happening at Simbound, so why not join in our continuous research and development efforts. If you are well prepared and want to improve education and also create a positive impact then here is an invitation to launch your career and become part of a fast growing edtech industry niche of which Simbound is a founding member.

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