e-Commerce simulation

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3 - 10 Rounds

This is an online simulation game in which you are expected to carry out basic digital marketing operations for a fantasy company called Tabletto and which is selling Tablet PCs.

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License includes:

  • Access to the digital marketing simulation tools and materials
  • The simulation guidebook
  • Tutorial Video
  • New Objectives and Bonus conditions for each round
  • €15k virtual budget
  • A worldwide community of users
  • An option to invite a friend which can join you to help out with the simulation
  • A showcase of your simulation results and achievements
  • A certificate of completion
  • Fast Technical Support

Your role

You have just been assigned as the head of online marketing for a widely appreciated e-tailer called Tabletto. They sell a wide range of Tablet PC devices on to two geographical markets.

You are expected to create new websites and place ads on the Baigoo simulated search engine as well as by sending e-mail newsletters to the many Tabletto subscribers (Pssst. they love a good deal in their inbox?).


The simulation will provide you with specific statistics for each channel: such as the number of visitors to your website, the number of people that have clicked on your ads as well as how many customers you have.Get ready to optimize your e-marketing operations on-the-go, as you progress through several simulation rounds in search of the best possible results. Each round will present you with a new conditions, objectives and challenges to which you must find creative solutions.

There is a world of opportunity waiting for you while you are free to obtain recognition for your virtual brand and get the best possible feedback for the products that you are offering.

Start today and explore the world of digital marketing simulations with Simbound, the original digital marketing simulation.

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Estimated Time Investment: 6-8 hours

You can use the simulation to work and learn at your own pace every day. We recommend that you set aside at least 1 hour for every new round in which you will want to use the simulation. We recommend you go through at least 6 rounds in total. The maximum is 10 rounds.