Simbound is a simulation game. It allows students to work with online marketing campaigns that unfold in a risk free environment.
Simbound has a Search Engine Simulator technology that is similar to how real search engines like Google© or Bing© function. The User Interface and options of the ad management tool are similar to professional advertising platforms.
Instructors create a simulation course after which they invite students to register for it. The game operates in Rounds - so once a deadline is reached a new set of game results are calculated. The game can have anywhere between 3 to 10 decision making rounds.
There is a student guidebook, an easy to use dictionary for internet marketing terms (check SEM home dashboard once logged in the game) and a diagram that describes how results are calculated. Most learning takes place as you play the game.
You will be guided by a series of on-screen helpers once you log into the game. You will also be presented with different game objectives each round. You can follow them or proceed at your own will.
Simbound is a competitive game in which teams of students try to outpace their peers. Players can also initiate discussions through features such as instructor and student messaging systems as well as a Q&A Community.

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