Simbound is an online courseware system designed for internet marketing & media courses.
Courses are usually run over a period of 1-2 weeks. When they are part of other study programs this period is extended to several months.
Yes. Each game has its own schedule and can be administered separately.
Game instances accommodate anywhere between a few to thousands of individuals.

Student groups contain a maximum of 60 students, although the maximum number of groups is unlimited.
Yes. Simbound is a highly versatile solution, which can be adapted to suit numerous content requirements
Why online advertising can provide a fast and measurable method for validation of sales propositions

Awareness towards the main methods of performing e-Marketing operations including: Search Engine Marketing, Website Management, E-mail newsletters

Knowledge in planning, managing and measuring outreach campaigns

How to measure and improve online channel sales through iterative operations
Yes. By using game results as well as other assessment methods such as presentations you can test student abilities and then assign grades. You can also connect with other Simbound instructors for exchange of best practices.
Yes. We offer train-the-trainer services
Licenses can be paid by either by students or instructors or institutions. Multiple licensing plans exist. Check the Pricing Page or Request a free Instructor account if you want to learn more about the platform.
Standard support services include technical support and in some cases course-focused support services such as course setup and results analysis.

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