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How Simbound helps its clients

Simbound can easily be adapted to meet the content and learning objectives of any workshop or course and has been used by over 100 different clients comprising 35,000 users worldwide. Here is a selection of certain customer cases:


Cesim is a Helsinki, Finland based company and one of the world leaders in business simulation games. Simbound's content can actually be integrated in partnership with the Cesim standard simulation game model. This kind of combination could provide a total business & marketing learning experience.


Stukent is a company on a mission to align internet marketing teaching in universities towards the latest industry practices. Using online books, expert sessions and the Simbound simulation games Stukent has succeeded in educating thousands of students from some of the leading universities in the USA.


The MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing from EM Lyon Business School prepares students for an international management career in the luxury goods industry. Simbound was tasked and succeeded in developing a unique custom simulation scenario which required students to prepare a digital marketing strategy and conduct online market operations for a high-end time-wear online retailer.


The University of Economics in Katowice approached us looking to offer their students a short intensive e-Marketing course experience. Within 4 days of using our simulation,  the 15 undergraduate students that were a part of this program learned about the latest real-world e-marketing technologies and techniques.

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