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Posted on 8 juin, 2023 by Administrator

Today, we are taking another big step forward towards preparing candidates for the new world of work with the launch of Simbound Skills.

This all new Simbound feature enables any person to showcase their simulation results to potential employers through an online dynamic CV format that is automatically created and updated with just a few clicks It is an entirely new type of credential which brings a series of benefits to those possessing it.


With roles such as marketing manager, social media manager and data scientist among the highest rated jobs among Gen Z candidates, this qualification will give you an edge in a very competitive hiring economy.

For recruiters, this new feature allows them to connect with candidates from geographic regions that have been overlooked in the past, and from universities that may not have been on their radar. They get access to a candidate’s “hard” skills - as tested through the simulation as well as their “soft” skills - such as collaboration, leadership and creativity - as reviewed by each candidate’s peers.

How does it work?

In order for a student to publish their skills, they must have made at least 50 decisions in the simulation. For the time being, the skills profile will work in the same way for both individual simulation users and team-based simulations. Publishing your skills is free and you can share your new certificate online on all major social networks (#Simbound #fortheoutstanding)

Image with user bio and series of results from simulation

In the future students will be able to publish their own visual portfolio of their work along with any additional certificates they have earned during the course.

By publicly listing their key decisions in the simulation, along with personal ratings from teammates, students are expected to secure more interviews, initiate collaborations with project owners faster and in the end stand out in a crowded graduate marketplace.

Image with reviews of user abilities

When highlighting the amount of profit generated in the simulation, students demonstrate to a potential future employer that they understand how marketing, pricing and positioning decisions impact a company's bottom line, bringing them closer to landing their dream job as a digital marketing manager.

Schools using Simbound will be able to give their students a credible and unique digital credential that will lead to more job opportunities without having to change anything in the way they currently work. Simbound does it all for them, giving their graduates visibility on a par with that of some of the best institutions.

Employers using the new skills site will make their pre-screening and recruitment processes more robust and streamlined to accommodate a wide range of standard and emerging work trends, such as working from home (WFH) and nomadic working. They can also shorten the recruitment process and improve their pipeline of new candidates.

Image with user experience and decisions

By using a single standard method to differentiate and compare candidates, recruiters using the new Simbound Skills platform helps promote equal opportunity and a fair recruitment process based on comparing candidates based on their proven skills and results.

About Simbound
We are the pioneers of digital marketing simulation in education and have helped thousands of individuals, businesses and schools from around the world improve their knowledge and confidence through our website and associated services. 
We encourage smart and responsible online communication.

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