Simbound© is the pioneer of experiential learning in digital marketing. Since 2012, we have been guiding individuals around the world to make sense of the new digital marketing landscape.

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  • Online Media Developer (SBD 01)

    Simbound has always been a place where we love to see creativity in action, both within the company and amongst those who we interact with.

    With Simbound now becoming a multi-media business, we are on the lookout for the most talented visual arts creators to add to our successful storyline.

    Whether you are into music production, animation, graphic design or movie making, we would love to hear from you! Please apply using the best sample of your portfolio

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  • Web Developer for Simulation (SBD 02)

    At Simbound, we promote the use of tested, scalable, and efficient technology. Our R&D activities in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, result in world-class products used around the globe.

    As a Simbound simulation developer, you will work as part of a small team on building the latest digital business simulation systems. Upon application, you will have gained 1-3 years of experience in web development and can demonstrate working prototypes or past work which will aid in your application. Please use the form to submit your application.


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  • Business Developer (SBD 03)

    Join one of Romania's fastest-growing education software and media companies and become part of our ongoing success story. By engaging through digital and international sales channels, meeting new clients and innovating on new business cases you stand to gain new and valuable experience. Your role will be that to present and sell the product of the creative work carried out by the rest of the Simbound teams.

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  • Simulation Product Manager (SBD 04)

    Do you want to contribute to the building of the latest Digital Marketing Simulation Products? Join our team in the delivery of a world-class digital product experience and work using the latest technologies and productivity tools.

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  • Marketing Manager (SBD 05)

    Your role will be to contribute to and oversee the delivery of one of the best marketing experiences. Given that Simbound is used by a highly discerning group of customers, as well as existing and future marketing leaders and disruptors, you must demonstrate that you can meet the high expectations related to the quality and impact of the marketing that our company relies upon.

    As part of this role, you will be required to communicate with both the management and R&D teams, as well as with customers and other external parties. Please ensure that you are meeting all of the additional requirements outlined in the job application.

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  • Customer Success Officer (SBD 06)

    As the simulation is used by thousands of students and professors, it is essential that you ensure everyone is aware of their role in the simulation and that all questions are answered promptly and to the satisfaction of the user.

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Learn more about Simbound by watching the video below.Interview by Robin Wauters with Louis Havriliuc (Simbound Founder).