Every one of the digital marketing simulations from Simbound is designed to support learning and collaboration.

Integrated Platform for the Risk-Free Experiential Learning of Digital Marketing

One platform, endless opportunity

With Simbound, you will use one software to teach your entire course on e-marketing. Whether this is a one-week course or a semester-long course, Simbound will provide your learners with countless hours of learning and practice on all of the major digital marketing topics.

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Rock-solid performance and reliability

Simbound is a custom-designed, high-performance platform built for speed with top-notch security built in. It allows you to calculate results for hundreds of students at the same time and it can be used across various screen sizes and operating systems.

Customer Service that is a breeze

Rely on the leading support service in the industry as 90% of queries we receive are being addressed within 5 minutes. We have a wealth of experience in developing custom solutions and bespoke adaptations of the platform, enabling us to seamlessly integrate the simulation experience into various course formats, topics, and learning objectives. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to any requests you may have.

Don't just learn about Digital Marketing but immerse yourself in it

With the new platform we provide students with a seamless transition from learning to practice. Together with reputable industry partners (which we invite to join our Impact measure) our goal is to provide comprehensive learning and on-the-job training.

Go past domain-specific knowledge

Digital marketing simulations are an excellent tool for developing critical thinking, data manipulation skills, technical proficiency, and the ability to manageme complexity. Team-based play is optionally available with all of our setups which fosters communication and collaboration, two of the most important factors in project success. The solutions incorporate a variety of financial and business concepts.

Internship Placement Service

(Launching Soon) Every graduate of the Simbound simulation program will qualify for a free profile and placement with This is the world's first integrated early career service for digital marketing professionals which relies on the original digital marketing simulation service to match graduates with their sought after virtual placement in a host organization.

By applying what they learned in class and benefitting from experienced mentors and working on real projects interns are expected to grow in leaps and bounds as they get ready for the challenges of the fast-paced and highly dynamic world of work that awaits.

Diagram of typical student progress: theoretical knowledge, simulative application, real-world application, career confidence

Why are we in business

We believe that the digital realm, where consumers and businesses coexist, should be better understood by all those who are part of it. Our unique simulation solution comes at a time when information is being manipulated on a massive scale, where sound and ethical business practices may be lacking, and where commercial interests dictate over fair and equitable practices.

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We have chosen not to align ourselves with any other digital marketing or trading company, or with any institutional investors, simply because we want to remain impartial, a beacon of knowledge. Remaining independent and continuing to provide innovative educational solutions that are unambiguous in their motive is a challenge we are happy to take on further.

By using our simulations, you will not only help drive research and innovation in this area, but you will also be contributing towards a solution to disinformation and a better prepared workforce that will challenge the lax policies of many companies today and lead us to the better and fairer competitive environment of tomorrow.


Source of Products

Our digital products are built using mostly open source web technologies and with efficiency in mind. We do not endorse, promote or in any way favor any other digital marketing company, product or alternative out there. When we do contract third party service providers, we have a very rigorous process to identify their own processes and whether they meet the latest legal, ethical, performance and security standards.

CO2 Footprint

From the outset, Simbound has championed remote work and minimising unnecessary travel, including attendance at conferences and trade shows. This has enabled us to achieve our objective of reducing environmental impact and resource consumption. Our business travel is limited to less than 10,000 km per year, with many journeys being less than 1,000 km. We also have a robust policy in place to minimise the time spent on online meetings as these consume considerable resources.

Societal Impact

We regularly contribute to social and environmental causes. We are continually seeking like-minded organizations that can assist us in making progress towards improving the world in which we live.

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