Community Management

Online brand community management simulation. Enhance the digital marketing lessons with an exercise in creativity and gamification of online members and their interaction with brands.

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Multiple communities

Multiple communities

Experience running a number of online brand communities.

Align to business goals

Grow communities and align them to tangible marketing and business goals


Engage members using a host of gamififcation tactics.

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Develop New Skills

Community managers gain new skills while managing communities.

Recruit New Managers

Community Managers can be recruited from inside the team or from other teams.

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Offer rewards

Reward your active community members

Provide small prizes and increase participation using games and

Highlight Products

Prioritize community management around product placement and stimulate interaction with campaigns and posts.

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Transform your learning experience into a fun and memorable exercise. Motivate course participants with a unique suite of interactive content and monitor learner performance using advanced reports.