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The most realistic Email marketing simulation software for your course available today.

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Multiple Email Campaigns

Multiple email campaigns

Set up and track multiple e-mail campaigns as well as follow-ups, and sequencing of new messages based on a virtual audience behavior each with their own preference

An Email content editor like no other

Adapt the content of the email to include media, insert products, introduce promotions and

AI reviews of text and recommendations

Provide students with quick assistance with the integrated AI tools that continually assesses and provides recommendations on how to improve the promotional copy which

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Templates fit for every purpose

Ready made templates

Speed up content creation for products and track conversion statistics and avoid spending time with the nitty-gritty while focusing on obtaining new business results

7 content templates

Using the templates you can: announce promotions, product or website launches, recruit new affiliate marketers to your network, engage new community members, announce new business or community milestones and communicate new ESG initiatives.

Pricing Decisions

Carry out sales or promotions and seek to increase profit by adjusting the default price for every product

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Integrated Email Marketing

Specific Audience Targeting

Target multiple audiences based on their interests and preferences.

Follow-up and Sequence new campaigns

Convert more contacts with follow-ups and new email sequences based on response and stage of interest.

Integrated Campaigns

Recruit new affiliate marketing partners, attract new community members, improve the ESG ratings

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Transform your learning experience into a fun and memorable exercise. Motivate course participants with a unique suite of interactive content and monitor learner performance using advanced reports.