Website Management & Analytics

A turnkey website simulation solution for Education complete with content creation, reporting and analytics tools.

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Web Page Builder

The Simbound simulation website editor is a powerful content creation system that is simple to master and allows building various websites.

Website content:

Adapt the following: Website Header and Footer, Logo, Company tagline, media (Images, Video), Short Lead capture forms, internal links, product features, prices, color, design etc.

SEO Plug-in:

Check the compatibility of the website in the simulation and if this matches the quality requirements of various Search Engines

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E-commerce Shop

Manage products and track conversion statistics as you build up your own product portfolio

Product Management

Track the perfomance of your products across the main webite and the various promotion channels in the simulation

Pricing Decisions

Carry out sales or promotions and seek to increase profit by adjusting the default price for every product

Flow Diagrams

Easily follow customer checkout pathways to know which entry points and conversion enhancement measures to focus on.

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Website Monitoring

Track the evolution of all of your webpages in the simulation with a simple to use analytics platform

Conversion Tracking

Keep count of how each page brings in new prospects and conversions as you carry out your strategy

Filtering and Reporting

Display numerical and chart data by custom sorting, filtering certain periods, highlighting events etc.

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Transform your learning experience into a fun and memorable exercise. Motivate course participants with a unique suite of interactive content and monitor learner performance using advanced reports.