Bye 2020, Hello 2021!

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While last year has been immensely challenging and saw us navigate through many unprecedented situations, the Simbound community is now ready to welcome 2021 with confidence, optimism and better preparedness that will allow us to support a wide range of courses and solve a new range of business challenges. Before exposing some of our plans for 2021 here are three updates from us which you might have missed during late 2020. Licensing Assets  

September 2020

The introduction of an entirely new licensing method: that of credits included supporting 3 different courses which were implemented with this industry-first setup. The early market tests confirm that the credit based licensing functionality of our simulations is now in its best shape ever and we are happy to see it being used almost every day now. Allocating Simbound decisional credits to a digital marketing course is not just an innovative software licensing practice, but it also provides increasingly more value in the midst of what appears to be a unprecedented change for the online learning paradigm. We will continue to experiment with this practice as we are informed by our most visionary clients and partners to which we want to thank.


November 2020

We put out an extensive podcast episode in English together with the people of in which Louis Havriliuc, Simbound founder speaks about the company and some of the values which guide us at Simbound.


 December 2020

Education Alliance Finland has, following their independent evaluation and audit, provided Simbound with a certification for sound pedagogical practice. Coming from an external evaluator this certificate is a testament that the original digital marketing simulation methodology continues to evolve and meet with high quality requirements and is in accordance with the latest Finnish pedagogical practice and research. EAF certificate  

Now moving on to some of our plans for 2021, listed briefly below:

- We will continue to support the best institutions, their course managers and professors as well as their students in implementing the most advanced digital marketing simulations into their courses. With new simulation features such as: product-level pricing, an entirely new website builder, a function to preview simulation results, the first version of the traffic manager, as well as the community management simulation your students are in for a real learning treat this year. Simbound has never looked better nor did it have so many exciting features as it does today. Now is truly the best time to learn more about the latest version of the Simbound product and the many ways in which it can transform both the teaching and the learning experience.

- We are keen promoters of the first ever edition of the Simbound student challenge together with universities in France. One fantastic aspect about this challenge is that the winning students in the Simbound challenge will be able to donate the proceedings from the registration fees towards a worthwhile cause - such as an educational NGO or other similar initiative with a social impact. The official language of the competition will be French so anybody wanting to flex their marketing muscles while also practicing the language of Descartes is welcome to join in (please see terms and conditions over here:

- We will soon announce the first ever Simbound bug bounty, in which individuals will be invited to find and report software bugs in the simulation while expecting to win prizes in cash and other materials. Check back in February to read the terms, sign up and compete against some of the best bug hunters in the world. 

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