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Connections are vital in business. Making the right connections both in the knowledge you obtain as well as in the people you meet can make a world of difference. Whether if you’re only just starting out, or if you already have an established business this article is for you and I hope it will help you make the right connections.

Louis Havriliuc - Simbound Founder

From Playing to Practice (and back to Playing):

Getting relevant and actionable knowledge to those which we work for has been the main focus at Simbound since day one. We are now taking this concept further with learners, by using simulations and building real-world projects which make an impact as soon as they are launched. Our first project in this initiative is called “Sparx” which is an influencer marketing platform, run by two high-school students. Even if they didn’t launch yet, they already have their first clients waiting to advertise through them.

image of USA and Canada
University of Pretoria Students working on their Simbound Project

Edtech Partners

I remember the early days of launching Simbound. It was a struggle finding clients and getting feedback. No point in going through that for too long. If you are an edtech startup or if you would want to launch one then we invite you to take advantage from the inroads we can provide into some of Europe's best universities with the Simbound Edtech Partners programme. During the last 5 years we’ve built a relationship of trust with world-renown professors and other members of the wider academic environment. Simply head to the contact page and send us a description and/or a link to your project and we will evaluate the potential of your offering and decide what is best for us going forward.



Did you know that Simbound operates commercial partnership contracts by which other companies can sell Simbound to their clients? If you have an established business and are looking to expand your offering then please get in touch. We will provide you with all the training and support you will need in order to get started as soon as possible. For inspiration purposes, here are two examples coming from our partners in France & Netherlands.

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