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The original e-Marketing Simulation Game

Now for Online Digital Marketing Courses too!


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Almost 14.000 People have used Simbound

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Simbound Graphics

Simbound Games Each new Simbound Instructor can create their own Digital Marketing Simulation

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Simulation Features Expertly designed for Digital Marketing Learning & Assessment

Search Engine Advertising Campaigns

High-fidelity simulation of Pay-per-click Search Engine Ad placement operations


Send E-mail marketing to virtual subscribers which respond in real-time


Build websites and consult basic response metrics and analytics


Access fast & accurate skill assessments for large groups of participants

Highly Recommended By Students and Professors alike

"When we were using case studies, students were not able to optimize their online marketing activities because they did not generate enough traffic. Simbound motivates them and they are learning essential online marketing aspects in a different way"

Melanie Schreiner Melanie Schreiner, MSc  /  University of Applied Sciences (Austria)

"Simbound helps students understand web marketing strategy and helps them to learn from their mistakes "

Margherita Pagani Margherita Pagani, PhD  /  EM Lyon (France)

"As an early adopter with my classes I recommend Simbound as relevant e-Marketing education"

Paulo Rita Paulo Rita, PhD  /  ISCTE-IUL (Portugal)
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