What does the
Simbound service do?

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Simbound is available in the form of several online simulation experiences, each one with their own game mechanics. When using Simbound users of various backgrounds and digital readiness levels co-create new digital content and use the competition-like environment as an innovation platform to develop the online presence of various virtual companies. During this process they are expected to improve their digital skillset and confidence.

With constraints such as budgets or time now removed, participants are encouraged to think creatively and then to apply what they learn to real working scenarios.

How to license an educational simulation for your next business and marketing course

A practical step-by-step guide that includes our tips!

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As a Simbound Instructor you can set up new simulations with just a few clicks, sit back and then watch your course attendees enjoy learning about Digital Marketing operations.

Our mission supports learning by doing in a risk-free environment.

The values of the Simbound brand are: transparency, self-improvement and communication.

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