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Simbound is available as a pedagogical online simulation, with its own game-like mechanics. When using Simbound people from different backgrounds and digital readiness levels are able to co-create content in a competition-like environment. This simulation system provides an innovation platform to develop the online commercial presence of their own virtual companies. Guided by tutors, participants can expect to improve their digital skills and boost their confidence with real-life skills.

Topics included in Simbound are related to the following disciplines: digital marketing, data analysis, online consumer behavior, pricing and promotion, managing a technology project and more.

How to license an educational simulation for your next business and marketing course

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Simbound Tutors can set up new simulations with just a few clicks. After this they may sit back and watch as course participants enjoy digital marketing learning in a safe and realistic environment.

Our mission supports a 'learning by doing' ethos by creating a safe and creative environment that encouranges innovation.

Our brand values are centred around: transparency, adaptability and communication.

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