Simbound© is a pioneer in the field of digital marketing education. Ever since 2012 we have guided individuals worldwide in making sense of the new digital marketing landscape.

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Simbound Jobs Online Media

Online Media
Artists (SBD 01)

Simbound has always been a place where we expressed and encouraged creativity in various ways both within the company and amongst those who we interact with. With Simbound now becoming a multi-media business, we are searching for the most talented visual arts creators which will add to our successful storyline. Whether you are into music production, animation, graphic design or movie making we would like to hear from you.

Simbound Jobs Web Developer

Web Developers
for Simulation
(SBD 02)

At Simbound we promote the use of tested, scalable and efficient technology. The result of our R&D activities carried out in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania end up being used around the world. As a Simbound simulation developer you will be working as part of a small team on building the latest digital business simulation systems. Upon application, you will have gained 0-2 years of experience in web development, and can demonstrate prototypes or past work which will aid your application. Please use the form to submit your application.

Simbound Jobs Business Developer

Developers (SBD 03)

Join one of the fastest growing software and media companies in Romania and become part of a successful company story. By engaging with new international sales channels, clients and business cases you will gain relevant and valuable experience.Your role will be to present and sell the creative work carried out by the other Simbound teams.

Simbound Jobs Product Manager

(SBD 04)

Your role will be that to contribute and oversee that we deliver one of the best marketing experiences. Given that Simbound - the digital marketing simulation is used by a highly educated group of customers as well as existing and future marketing leaders and disruptors you must prove that you can meet with a stream of high expectations related to the quality and impact for the marketing which our company relies upon. Working from within this role you will have to communicate both with the Management and R&D team as well as with the customers and other parties. Please ensure that you are meeting all of the additional requirements leading up to the job application.

Simbound Jobs Client Support

Client Support
Professionals (SBD 05)

With thousands of students and professors using the simulation your role is to make sure that everyone understands what they are supposed to be doing in the simulation and that all questions are answered in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Learn more about Simbound by watching the video below.Interview by Robin Wauters with Louis Havriliuc (Simbound Founder).